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Board Meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month and are open to all NorCalPCA members. Check our calendar for exact times and dates.

Board of Directors 2013

Will Spargur (will[at]norcalpca[dot]org), Swaziland 92-95

Katherine Macdougall, Romania 02-04

Paul Reinhart (treasurer[at]norcalpca[dot]org), Kazakhstan 09-11

Mary Casagrande, Mozambique 03-05

Member Group Directors and Alternates

At Large
Paul Reinhart (Director), Kazakhstan 09-11
Will Spargur (Director)(will[at]norcalpca[dot]org), Swaziland 92-95
Maria Padill Castro (Director), Brazil 66-68
Alan Toth(Director), South Africa 10-12

East Bay
Katherine Macdougall (Director), Romania 02-04
Frank Price (Director) Cote D'ivoire 1969-1972

San Francisco
Andrew Wynn (Director), Senegal 11-13
Andrew Schafer (Director), China 11-13
Mary Casagrande (Alternate), Mozambique 03-05

South Bay
Rustin Crandall (Director), Guyana 2005-2007
Laura Chakerian (Alternate), Honduras 2006-2008

Santa Cruz/Monterey
Laurel Tanza (Director), Dominican Rep. 2008-2010

North Bay
Corrine Kirkbride(Director), Macedonia 01, Vauuatu 01-03