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Not only does California has a history of sending the most Peace Corps Volunteers to serve abroad, we also have the largest delegation of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Congressman!  Our advocacy efforts range from supporting each other in time of need - such as participating in the Health Justice Awareness Day every June, to meeting with elected officials to request a more robust and responsive Peace Corps every fall.

Advocacy can take many shapes from collective emailing over coffee and computers, assisting a fellow Volunteer through hardship, or raising awareness about an issue in your country of service. If you are interested in getting involved with advocacy or have an idea for an event don't hesitate to reach out to NorCalPCA's Advocacy contact at:

As Representative Sam Farr (Columbia '64-'66) recently told a group of RPCVs "Be the squeaky wheel... or nobody pays attention". Every constituent email, tweet and call really do make a difference!


NorCalPCA frequently engages in Advocacy efforts such as emailing and visiting elected officials about a variety of important Peace Corps-related concerns.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Advocacy events!

Advocacy Resources

Peace Corps: Office of Victim Advocacy

Learn how Peace Corps' Office of Victim Advocacy can help you as a currently serving or returned Peace Corps Volunteer if a crime has been committed against your during your service.

National Peace Corps Association: Advocate

Learn about NPCA's many advocacy efforts, from improving health care for RPCVs to increasing Peace Corps' budget, and how to get involved!

Advocacy Group

Join NorCalPCA's Advocacy Group! A group for NorCalPCA Members that are interested in advocacy!

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