NorCalPCA - Pre Peace Corps

NorCalPCA wants to support farewell/send-off events for soon-to-be Volunteers!

Email to request financial assistance for your event!

Pre Peace Corps Mentoring

Nearly all Returned Volunteers will tell you that joining Peace Corps was the biggest life changing decision they have ever made. It can be filled with excitement and euphoria mingled with times of self-doubt and stress. Our returned Volunteer mentors are available to give honest advice, listen to your concerns, help you through the decision process, through the rough patches and finally, to prepare to leave for service. If you have questions please contact us at


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NorCalPCA frequently puts on events for Pre Peace Corps folk such as Nomination and Send Off parties!

Check our Calendar for upcoming Pre Peace Corps events!

Pre Peace Corps Resources

Peace Corps: Volunteer

Peace Corps' website tells you everything you need to know about becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer!

National Peace Corps Association

Join NPCA's Future Peace Corps Volunteers Facebook Group to connect with others that are applying to become Peace Corps Volunteers as well as currently serving and returned Volunteers for their guidance through the application process and insight on what to expect when you get there!