Mentor Program

NorCalPCA offers mentoring to help people joining Peace Corps prepare for service and for recently returned volunteers readjusting back to life in the states.

Mentoring for Recently Returned Volunteers

NorCalPCA mentors help Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) readjust, give career advice or just provide a sympathetic ear. To signup to become an RPCV mentor or to find a mentor for yourself, visit: If you have questions please contact us at mentoring[at]norcapca[dot]org

Mentoring for people joining Peace Corps

Nearly all Returned Volunteers will tell you that joining Peace Corps was the biggest life changing decision they have ever made.  It can be filled with excitement and euphoria mingled with times of self-doubt and stress.

Our returned volunteer mentors are available to give honest advice, listen to your concerns, help you through the decision process, through the rough patches and finally, to prepare to leave for service.

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