Our Mission

The Mission of the Northern California Peace Corps Association (NorCal) is to promote understanding between peoples of the world, the Third Goal of Peace Corps. We do this through intercultural educations programs such as our Global Presenters program, Beyond Borders Storytelling program, our Monthly newsletter, joint events with the Commonwealth Club of California and our Annual Festival of Cultures.

We also provide readjustment services to returning Peace Corps Volunteers to assist them to reintegration to life and work back home through our annual career fair, career panels, mentoring, networking and social events.

NorCal is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in California. NorCal is NOT affiliated with Peace Corps nor does it receive funding from the Peace Corps although many of our members are former Peace Corps Volunteers.

NorCalPCA's Articles of Incorporation - our incorporation as a non-profit with the State of California

NorCalPCA's Federal Application for Tax Exempt Status (Form 1023)

NorCalPCA's California Applicaiton for Tax Exempt Status

NorCalPCA's ByLaws - the rules that govern our organization

NorCal serves the geographical territory of Northern California focused on the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay as well as the north coast and some inland areas, excepting the Sacramento Valley.

NorCal has an affiliation with the National Peace Corps Association but maintains independent finances and operations.

Support the Mission

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