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The Northern California Peace Corps Association (NorCal) runs a variety of programs focused on promoting understanding of people of the world, the Third Goal of Peace Corps and assisting returning volunteers with readjustment to life and work back home.

Intercultural Education

Global Presenters  

Global Presenters
The Global Presenter Program provides Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to speak about peoples and cultures from around the globe to schools, community and business groups. They have
enriching stories to tell that will engage and challenge you to think in new ways.

Global Presenters  

Beyond Borders Storytelling
Beyond Borders Storytelling organizes workshops and performance events featuring real life, first hand stories from around the world.  Storytelling is a powerful way to share experiences and see the world through other people’s eyes.

Global Presenters  

Festival of Cultures
Every year on the last Saturday in January NorCal hosts a Festival of Cultures where Peace Corps Volunteers from around Northern California gather to celebrate, learn and share experiences from over 100 countries.


Readjustment Services for Returning Volunteers


NorCal runs two distinct mentoring programs.  One to assist prospective volunteers before they leave for overseas service and the other to assist returning volunteers with reintegration with life and work back home.


Transitions Workshops
NorCal's transitions workshops help returning volunteers successfully reintegrate back home. These sessions give returning volunteers the opportunity to share with one another the challenges they are facing and talk about how work to through them.  
Thanksgiving Transition Workshop


Annual Career Fair
Every year in the June or July NorCal organizes a career fair to help returning volunteers find jobs when they get back home. The career fair includes workshops on resume writing and interviewing followed by job fair that draws public, private and nonprofit employeers from around the Bay Area and Beyond. June 3-4, 2015 Career Fair




Grants Program
The Grants program gives money to international development projects.  The Grants program raises it’s own funds and distributes grants from a restricted fund separate from NorCal’s education and volunteer services programs.


Support the Mission

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Featured Events

Beyond Borders
Sept 1, Storytelling Worskhop
San Francisco

Come to the workshop ready to share an experience. It doesn't have to be super polished, just bring it, an open mind, and some enthusiasm and we will have a good time. Our theme for this story series is Taboo. Details>>

Aug 31 Grants Application Due

The deadline for Grants applications is Aug 31st! The NorCal Grants Program provides $500-$2000 for community development projects around the world. Details>>