June Third Goal Report

Last Update: 7/11/2014 10:57 AM

Story Telling Events
The June 24 Breaking Bread Story jam line up featured seven story tellers and over 70 people in attendance at Salle Events on Market Street near Van Ness in San Francisco.  Four brand new story tellers made their debuts including Nangyalai Attal, a Full Bright Scholar from Afghanistan, Joanne Hong who is originally from China, Maria Harris who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali 2011-2012 and John Shen who served in Madagascar 2011-2013. They were joined by veteran story tellers Zach Matheson, Justina Wu and Roy Schachter.  It was awesome to see so many people from the local community come out to hear six great stories capped with an amazing, fun and gutsy multimedia performance by Maria Harris.

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Upcoming Story Telling Events
We are already hard at work prepping for our next San Francisco Story Jam.  If you got a great story we want to hear it.  We’ll be hosting a story telling workshop in San Francisco on July 17th with FREE pizza!  RSVP today!

DSC_4710 DSC_4737 . .
Roy Schachter
The Pool was no Picnic
Joanne Hong
Nangyalai Attal
That Red Apple!
John Shen
I got 99 Problems but
Rice Ain't One
. . .  
Zach Matheson
A Surveillance Story
Maria Harris
A Pizza Party, Missionaries
and a Three Legged Dog
Justina Wu
Twenty Days of Funeral Leave

Robert Goldstein (Center with tie) at UC Davis

Speakers Bureau

June 6th UC Davis Vet School Speaker

Robert Goldstein (South Africa 2010-2012), spoke with the UC Davis Veterinary School’s One Health professional students. Students at the event have backgrounds in Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Ecosystems and Engineering. They will be going to Nicaragua to assist in human and animal care.

Robert shared his experiences with disease management and the realities of working and living in a third world country. Robert covered a variety of topics, giving students a wide range of information and valuable insight in order to help them during their trip. Topics ranged from safety concerns to cruelty to animals in foreign countries to developing a new sense of time.

Students responded very well to Robert’s emphasis on the importance of connecting with people on a personal level and how effective that can be in building trust and communication within communities.

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Dec 8,
Breaking Bread Story Jam, SF

Join Beyond Borders storytelling for the Breaking Bread story Jam, our last jam of 2015. We'll explore how food and friendship mix. 
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