The Summer Workout

Last Update: 8/6/2014 7:03 PM

By Will Spargur, President


July might be summer break at school but you would hardly know it by how busy our volunteers have been over the last month.  We started on July 7th, with our first ever story jam at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco.  Four of our best storytellers, Maria Harris, Alan Toth, Justina Wu and Zach Matheson performed before a sold out audience.  Then, with barely a pause for a breath we started working on our August 28th Story Jam with a story workshop on July 17th.  Simultaneously we were ramping up for our July 25th Career Fair.  Thanks to the enormous efforts of Frank Price, Welcome Bisson and fifteen other volunteers plus help from Jodi Hammer from the Peace Corps Office in DC we were able to double the number of exhibitors and RPCVs as compared to last year’s career fair.  Special thanks goes to Joe Lurie for running a Job Search Skills Workshop the week before the fair giving job seekers a leg up in preparing to meet the career fair employers.


July 25th RPCV Career Fair

As school ramps up in August we are preparing to match record numbers of RPCVs with schools and community groups. The Third Goal, our primary mission and the reason NorCal was founded, is a goal all Peace Corps Volunteers swear to when they start their service but struggle to fulfill when they come back home.  As individuals it is hard to walk into a school and talk to a class or tell our story to a stranger on the street. But working collectively through NorCal we can open doors that working alone we cannot.  Over the coming months we hope to dramatically increase our impact in the community, to place more volunteers with schools and community groups than ever before.  In addition to speakers we’ll need people to lead workshops on giving presentations, to help with matching volunteers to organizations, and to do outreach to raise awareness of this valuable program. 

If you are a member thank you so much for your support, if you are not please join us in making good on the promise of the Third Goal by engaging our communities and building bridges of understanding of peoples of world.

See you at the Luau BBQ on Aug 16th!

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Last year the Global Presenters Program matched over 100 RPCVs to schools and community groups in 21 cities. Due to the success of last year we are receiving record numbers of requests for RPCV speakers. If you are a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer please help bring to life the Third Goal of Peace Corps by volunteering to speak toady View Requests>>

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