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10:00A: Volunteer at Habitat's ReStore (San Carlos)
5:00P: Tanzanian Food/Music Fundraise (Oakland)

6:00P: NorCal/MIIS PC Club Jnt Social (Santa Cruz)
6:30P: NorCal Board Meeting (San Francisco)
11 12 
6:30P: Story Telling Workshop (San Francisco)
13 14 
6:00P: EB Hangout (Berkeley)
1:00P: Job Search Workshop for RPCVs (Berkeley)
16 17 18 
7:00P: Book Club & RPCV Getogether (Albany)
19 20 21 22 
23 24 25 
6:00P: Dinner in Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa, CA)
26 27 
6:00P: Visit By Peace Corps Director (Oakland)
7:00P: SF RPCV Social - Yemeni Rest (San Francisco)
7:00P: MIIS Volunteer Story Jam (Monterey)
30 31      
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7:30P: BECAS Annual Ecuadorian Dinner (Albany)

2:00P: Diversity Panel Discussion (San Francisco)

6:30P: SF Story Jam (San Francisco)
10 11 12 
9:00A: Point Reyes Trail-FULL (Olema)
5:00P: Fresno:Volunteer SendOff Party (Sanger, CA)
13 14 
6:30P: NorCal Board Meeting (San Francisco)
5:00P: Social w/ NPCA President (Mountain View)
7:00P: Book Club & RPCV Getogether (Oakland)
16 17 
10:00A: Career Brown Bag - Square Inc (San Francisco)
6:30P: SB Story Telling Workshop (Palo Alto)
18 19 
20 21 
6:00P: Potluck Dinner in Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa)
22 23 
6:30P: Volunteer Send Off Event (San Francisco)
24 25 26 
8:00A: Rebuilding Together Srvc Day (Berkeley)
10:00A: World Mural-Ohlone (Palo Alto)
10:00A: CANCELLED World Mural-Ohlone ()
2:00P: Career Brown Bag - EPA (San Francisco)
29 30    
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6:30A: KQED Spring Pledge Drive (San Francisco)

2:30P: Third Goal Film Series is Back (Oakland)

6:00P: EB Hangout (Berkeley)
11 12 
6:30P: NorCal Board Meeting (San Francisco)
13 14 
6:00P: One Mama (San Francisco)
6:30P: SB Story Jam (Stanford)
15 16 17 
12:00P: Post Bay to Breakers BBQ (San Francisco)
19 20 
6:30P: Story Telling Workshop (San Francisco)
6:30P: Kaleidoscope of Stories (Richmond)
6:00P: Dinner in Sebastopol (Sebastopol)
10:00A: Syrian Refugee Crisses (Palo Alto)
23 24 
25 26 27 
6:30P: Planning Mtg Annual BBQ (Alameda)
28 29 30 31 
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