Board Director Nominees

At-Large Board Director Nominees


Kseniya Naturina Fenner, San Francisco

My family immigrated to San Francisco from the Soviet Union when I was three years old. They all found it very amusing that I would willingly move back to a former Soviet country to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer. My service in Ukraine from 2010-2012 changed my life, allowing me to throw myself into the unknown while also reconnecting with my roots. It also inspired me to seek out a career that would meet a significant need in my home community. These days I’m a speech-language pathologist by day, and enjoy attending RPCV happy hours by night. I would be very happy to become more deeply connected with the brave and quirky RPCV community in my home city by serving on the board of the Northern California Peace Corps Association.


Antonia Gale, Bay Area

I used to be Regional Director for South Bay before I accepted job in Anchorage Alaska.  Now, I am moving back and would love to serve again. I love fundraising principles,  connecting people and talking about how PC changed my life.


Sarah Hinton, San Francisco

Originally from Tacoma, Washington I served in the Peace Corps as an English Teacher Trainer in Nicaragua from 2011-2013. I then served as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Small Business and Youth Development in Colombia from 2014-2015. I spent the last three years in New York City as a bilingual educator while earning my master’s from Teachers College, Columbia University as a Peace Corps Fellow. I recently relocated to the Bay Area and look forward to giving back and creating community with returned volunteers.

Upon returning from my original Peace Corps service, I have greatly appreciated the fellowship created by returned Peace Corps groups. I have always been able to not only rely on happy hours and casual meet-ups but also networking and genuine friendships with returned volunteers I meet. Now I have an opportunity to create that while connecting with and educating the greater Bay Area about the Peace Corps.I want to serve on the board in order to provide my skills in planning events as a Regional Board Director, however, I am open to serving in an At-Large Board Director capacity if there is a need.Thank you in advance for your consideration! "


Jeremy Karnowski, Mountain View

I have been serving as NorCalPCA's Treasurer for the last two years and look forward to continue to serve in this capacity. I was an Education PCV in Tanzania in 06-08, worked in the US Government administering Educational Benefits, and currently work at an education company that helps people move into cutting edge technology companies.


Jim Laske, Santa Cruz

I earned a B.S. in Business Economics from Miami University and then served as a PCV in the Kingdom of Tonga for three years as a youth development (small business) and agribusiness development volunteer.I loved my time in Peace Corps and it motivated me to continue working on international issues. I returned to school and earned an M.A. in International Development Studies from Ohio University with a focus on community-based development in water, sanitation and hygiene. For the past six years, I have worked for Firelight Foundation based in Santa Cruz, CA. We support community-based organizations in southern and eastern Africa with funding and capacity building opportunities. We support CBOs that are working with children and adolescent girls on issues such as early childhood development, ending child marriage, girls economic empowerment, and child protection and safeguarding. I serve as Grants Manager and provide technical and administrative oversight of Firelight’s grantmaking and contract development processes. I travel to Africa 1-2 times/year to support and train Firelight staff and grantee-partners.

I am interested in serving on the Board to support RPCVs as well as Americans' understanding of the countries and contexts in which we have served. Peace Corps has been an incredibly important part of my life and my development, and I would love to further the mission and objectives of PC and RPCVs. I am also interested in using my grantmaking experience to strengthen the small grant program of NorCalPCA.


Jesse Schofield, Oakland

I joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and currently serve as one of the Regional Board Directors for the East Bay. Highlights of my first term as Board Director include designing the Annual Report, coordinating NorCalPCA's participation in Oakland Pride, and coordinating the upcoming Peace Corps inspired classical music concert (Save the Date! March 14, 2020). I also coordinated meetups in Oakland and San Francisco for LGBT RPCVs and RPCVs of Color. I would like to continue working on increasing the visibility of NorCalPCA by participating in more community events, hosting more unique RPCV events, and partnering with other organizations with complementary missions and visions. I would also like to better engage with Northern California RPCVs beyond the Bay Area, ensuring that they too can celebrate and reflect on their service.

Reflecting on what I've accomplished so far and what I am looking to achieve, I would like to focus my efforts as an At Large Director.


EB East Bay Regional Board Director Nominees


Frank Price, Berkeley

I would like to reinvigorate the connection between RPCVs from the North Bay and RPCVs from the Bay Area .  While I live in  Berkeley, I have a strong connection and affinity for the North Bay where  I used to live and work. I used to be a secondary school teacher and coach and I have been involved with team building and event planning in the Greater Bay Area.  I helped put on the last San Francisco Bay Area Peace Corps Connect working with local RPCVs and the National Peace Corps Association. I am currently a Shriver Circle member as well. I would like to help with planning special events and have more regular meetings for North Bay RPCVs.


Kathleen Campbell, Oakland

As a member of the NorCalPCA Board of Directors for the past 2 years, I have enjoyed meeting members who have served around the world and individuals who are about to begin their PC assignments. Having new people participate on the board is critical to the organization's ability to creatively meet the needs of members, while having some consistency within the board is a healthy way to ensure that we learn from the board's experience over time. I have be involved in producing the Annual newsletter and organizing the Annual General Meeting. If given the opportunity to serve again, I will focus on creating tools and activities that make it easier for more members to get involved.


SB Monterey/Santa Cruz Regional Director Nominees


John C Bost, Santa Cruz

I'd like to continue serving the Santa Cruz-Monterey region of the NorCal PC Association as its regional director. We've made progress this past year in expanding our volunteer service, community involvement, and social gatherings within the RPCV community and our area in general. We are getting the word out with our locals email list expanding from about 50 to 110 with most events having between 15 and 30 people in attendance

Thank you for your support and, if you haven't already joined us, I hope you soon will.


Kelly Quackenbush, Monterey

I would be a great addition to the NorCal Board of Directors because I am motivated to seek out and connect with fellow RPCVs in the area. I also have some useful skills to offer. You need someone to make a color-coded spreadsheet? I’m your gal. You need someone to write a story or compose an email? Just say the word. You want somebody who can make folks feel welcome and wanted at events? I’ll put on my party hat. I also have some helpful connections – I am a former vice-president of the MIIS Peace Corps Club and graduate of the school, and I currently work in Salinas as part of the nonprofit community.

My two passions are helping children/youth and intercultural understanding. I work for an organization that serves some of the most vulnerable kids in our community and absolutely love what we do. Before that I was a student, and before that, a PCV. Originally from Oregon, I spent about 10 years working part-time service industry and nonprofit jobs until I took the plunge and joined Peace Corps. I love hiking/being in nature, cooking, and delicious wine!


NB North Bay Regional Director Nominees


Rick Kaye, Healdsburg

I am a Farm Manager for a certified organic vineyard. Peace Corps, which I joined after two years of AmeriCorps service, was a formative experience in my life. On my return, it influenced me to start and grow a volunteer driven nonprofit to increase agricultural literacy, Now, having raised our daughters, I have more time to dedicate to all things Peace Corps related. I have previously served on the Grants Committee and now wish to increase my participation.  I also currently serve on the Healdsburg High Ag Boosters Board, supporting FFA students and scholarships. I recently re-wrote the bylaws and am preparing the group’s first official annual report.

SB South Bay Regional Board Director Nominees


Davin R Lal, Redwood City

Hello, my name is Davin (RPCV Kenya- Deaf Education-2012-2014).  I have always been so grateful to have had the experience of serving in the Peace Corps and would like to use this opportunity to help support all RPCV’s throughout our organization. As a NorCal Peace Corp member, I have co-hosted a few happy hours, engaged in storytelling events, and participated in the Bay Area RPCV’s of Color group.   As NorCal Peace Corp Board Member, I would like to continue the great work the board has been doing and expand our relationship with the Nation Peace Corps office and other RPCV affinity groups.  Ultimately, I would like to provide more resources to expand and support those doing presentations about their service.

Continuing Board Members

At-Large Board Directors

Lila Holzman, San Francisco

Holly Uber, Redwood City

Noah Brod, Berkeley


San Francisco Regional Board Directors

John Schilder, San Francisco

Brianna Maltez, San Francisco


South Bay Regional Board Directors

Jennifer Woltz Nurani, San Carlos


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