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NorCalPCA - Storytelling

In 2013, NorCalPCA launched a formal story-telling program to help produce and publish the stories of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. As the program grew over the years, it became too large for a volunteer-run association to manage and the program was spun out into it's own independent nonprofit called Beyond Borders Storytelling by the RPCVs who were developing the stories under NorCalPCA (Will Spargur, Megan McMahon and Justina Wu).  The stories listed below were those produced by the program while it was housed within NorCalPCA.


December 8, 2015: Breaking Bread Jam 



Aug 18, 2015: Don't Tell Mom Story Jam



June 2015: Pandora's Box Story Jam



April 2015: Lost in Translation Story Jam



February 2015: Kiss and Tell Jam


Tell your story or listen to others' at NorCalPCA's story jams, practice storytelling sessions, and storytelling workshops!

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