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Wee Super Bowl Parties-Monterey Bay Area

12 Feb 2023
3:15pm - 6:55pm PST

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Monterey Bay Area Wee Super Bowl Parties, 3:15 - 7:00PM (give or take)

Dear fellow RPCVs. Let’s have a bunch of Wee Super Bowl parties all over our region, from Santa Cruz to Big Sur. Here’s how: At the “carpool” link below, you can either host (be a "driver"), join a party (put yourself in as a rider in a host's car), or, if there is no party available in your area yet, put yourself down as wanting a ride. Get the idea? None of this is really carpool planning but Super Bowl watch-party planning. A Wee Super Bowl party can be just two people or lots. It's up to the host (driver). Get on this right away. It will work best if we have lots of these happening all over the place.You could even create a "car" at a sports bar to see if other rpcvs & their friends wanted to join you there. Let's get creative and have fun together. To make it easy for people who want to join a Wee party, Start the name of your car by your area, e.g. "Aptos Party 1" or "Seaside@English Ales" and you can explain further in the comments section. Please don’t go to a party unless you add yourself as a “rider” for that person’s Wee car. Once the "car" is filled, that’s it.

If you are a couple like Jenny and me, consider having two "cars." One for to  watch the game and  one for people who just want to do other stuff i.e., cards/dominos/do puzzles/hikes. If you have limited tv watching space, you could limit that car to a few "riders," meaning game watchers and have more room in the other fun car. See the example at the carpool link.

You can do finger foods only or a potluck or appetizers & drinks only. Create your own. Invite as few as you wish, as many as you wish, serious football watchers only, card game players only, whatever. Let’s see if we can pull this off. If it works, we might try it for other "Wee Events" all around our region. Yeah!!

Check it out: Wee Super Bowl Parties at

Regards, John Bost, Sierra Leone 1967-69, Regional Director Santa Cruz-Monterey, NorCal Peace Corps Association Board
my cell phone 760-803-2932

12 Feb 2023
3:15pm - 6:55pm PST

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